Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Representatives of USAID visit ICAP

The President Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, Mr. Abdul Rahim Suriya, Council Members and USAID Representatives Ms. Kris Smathers and Mr. Shiraz Ashraf at the at ICAP House, Karachi.
The representatives of the USAID visited the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) recently, in Karachi. Mr. Abdul Rahim Suriya President, Mr. Pervez Muslim, Vice President South and Mr. Abdullah Yusuf, Vice President North along with other Council members welcomed the representatives. USAID recognizes audit profession in the Country as one of the four pillars to ensure governance and transparency. The participants discussed other areas of mutual interest and the prospective areas where development projects may be considered for development of infrastructure and capacity building of the Institute.

The USAID is actively looking at the local auditors to audit the USAID funding projects and has discussed the role ICAP can play in this regard. The meeting with USAID primarily focused on aspects of capacity building of accountants, contribution of accountants in assisting and developing the local public sector, ICAP’s investigative process and Quality Assurance Program, continuous professional development efforts, activities of ICAP and quality and qualification of our members, etc.

During their visit, presentations were made to USAID highlighting in brief the activities of ICAP, the role it has played in developing the profession, accomplishments to-date, and future strategies. The Institute is in the process of discussions with the USAID to agree on a future course of action for the professional and educational projects.

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