Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The ambassador of France in Islamabad Daniel jouannau called on City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal at his office on Monday. French Consul General Pierre Siellan and diplomat Ms. Annie Evrad were also present on this occasion.

During the meeting City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal gave detailed briefing to French ambassador about development works completed during last four years in Karachi.

He said that Haq Parast City Government had initiated a rapid development process in Karachi with a view to solve the basic problems of citizens in shortest possible time. Under this vision development works had been carried out during last four years in nearly all sectors of civic life. More than 35 flyovers and underpasses constructed in a few years time while work on four more flyovers is underway.

Nazim Karachi said that so far 62km of roads in Karachi have been made signal free while a total of 316 roads have been constructed during last four years which has besides saving energy provided hurdle free travel facility to citizens in nearly all areas of the city.

He said that Karachi holds much importance in this region and considering this, City Government has provided such a favorable atmosphere to business community especially the investors where they could avail maximum profit on their investment.

Nazim Karachi said that Karachi presently offers attractive opportunities for business and investment and the business community should take the advantage of better conditions and improved infrastructure in Karachi.

He said that the industrial areas in Karachi had been given preference in the development activities where various mega projects of water & sewerage and roads have been completed during last four years.

City Nazim said that the government has also initiated a “Green City” campaign to overcome air pollution. Millions of saplings have been planted so far at different roads and roundabouts to save the environment from further pollution.

He said that more than 348 parks have been constructed in Karachi to provide better and quality recreation facilities to citizens.

Nazim Karachi said that the recently launched CNG Bus Service has also improved the standard of public transport in Karachi. City Government has spent Rs500million on this pilot project.

He said that despite of limited resources and other difficulties, City Government in Karachi has continued development journey and it will carry on this process.

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