Thursday, May 28, 2009

26 killed, 300 injured Blast rocks Lahore

LAHORE: Lahore came under shock and fear when a powerful blast took over two dozens of innocent lives yesterday.
According to the details, gunmen detonated a car bomb in ‘Rescue 15’ office in Lahore yesterday, killing about 26 people and wounding at least 300, officials said.
At least four men with rifles stepped out from the car and opened fire on the intelligence agency building, then set off a massive blast when security guards returned the fire, officials said.
No one immediately claimed responsibility. Police said two suspects were detained.
The explosion sheared the walls off buildings in a main business district. The ceilings of operating rooms in a nearby hospital collapsed, injuring several people. TV footage showed bleeding bystanders and emergency workers carrying the injured in ambulances. Rescuers rushed to free officials buried in the rubble.
“The moment the blast happened, everything went dark in front of my eyes,” witness Muhammad Ali said.
“The way the blast happened, than gunfire, it looked as if there was a battle going on.”
Sajjad told reporters that a car carrying several gunmen pulled up in a street between offices of the emergency police and the Inter-Service Intelligence agency.
“As some people came out from that vehicle and started firing at the ISI office, the guards from inside that building returned the fire,” he said. As the firing continued, the car suddenly exploded, he said.The spy agency and police building were both badly damaged. Television footage showed officers dragging a man from the scene.

Mastermind arrested
LAHORE: A master mind of Lahore rescue building attack has been arrested from Sheikhupura, Aaj News reported yesterday.Police recovered building map from the culprit, authorities declared the arrest as the big achievement. (NC Report)

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